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Front hitch installed


So I finally got the hitch installed. The frame had been tweaked in a fender bender, so I had to drill new holes 1/4 inch forward. Now the bumper doesn’t match up.


NBD, I get to unlock custom bumper mounts!

OK, not what I expected

The slapper bars were ok, they tightened up the rear suspension abit, but only helped with body roll in the corners. I have found some HD spring to replace the rear leafs:

But that’s after the car is paid off and the  the front receiver gets installed:





I’ve got the bars installed It took about 30 minutes:


I know they shouldn’t always touch the spring, and should “slap” from about .5 inches away, but, there’s so much axle wrap, that’s just where they landed.

The only mod I made was cutting a notch to let the shock mount flush up:



I’ll test it tomorrow going to work!